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Future Conference: Participatory Local Planning

The Municipality of Sur is aiming to improve its local planning; to this end a future conference was held as part of Dynalp. Projects on such issues as the promotion of housing construction, wool processing, a holiday home for the elderly and an information centre have already been defined and expanded.


- Halt the population exodus
- Create jobs
- Preserve building land
- Make use of and conserve natural resources


* Participatory project implementation
* Building land for the promotion of housing construction can be apportioned into zones; a suitable site for a holiday home for the elderly is provided; and the protection of the Flix Alp is stipulated.




Sur Municipality, Grisons Regional Planning Office, Sur population, Alpenbüro Netz GmbH, Regional Planning Office, Parc Ela Nature Park.


Canton: CHF 15,000.-
Municipality: CHF 40,000.-
Private individuals: CHF 25,000.-

Contact person

Alpenbüro Netz GmbH
Jöri Schwärzel Klingenstein
Landstrasse 213
7250 Klosters / CH
Phone number: +41 81 420 22 58
Fax: +41 81 422 62 44