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Zyberli-Land - Romoos Family Village

The idea of a "Romoos Family Village" emerged in Romoos with the aim of broadening subsidiary earning possibilities, particularly in agriculture. Under the DYNALP project the attractions of Romoos are to be developed through an appealing range of offers for children and their families. The project's figurehead is the planned landscape game park.


Creation of a landscape game park with 12 adventure worlds in the municipality of Romoos to increase the village's family appeal.


Staging of Zyberli workshops with local residents to regenerate ideas and launch projects for adventure worlds. A site group is to examine the most suitable locations; a logo, advertising and communication group is to focus on the marketing; and a finance group will seek to secure the funding for the 12 adventure worlds.


The loyalty of families to the village is ensured, and new families are attracted. Local produce also receives a boost as a result.




Romoos Municipality, Allianzgruppe Romoos


Romoos Municipality

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