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Culture, force and wood experience Heiligkreuz (Hasle)

The culture, force and wood experience centre of Heiligkreuz aims at a combination of nature experience and demystification of nature forces and earth energies. As part of DYNALP three to five energy force sites near Heiligkreuz must be made accessible to visitors in various forms with their mysterious earth forces. This can be achieved through different paths around the planned information centre of Heiligkreuz. The paths lead visitors through different worlds. The following world themes are envisaged: the world of experience, the world of family and children, the worlds of the senses and nature energies, the worlds of the mountains, the worlds of agriculture, the worlds of the water, the worlds of trees and the worlds of art.


Increase of the cultural and tourist value of the region of Heiligkreuz in the towns of Hasle and Schüpfheim. Construction of a unique centre in Switzerland with the combination of nature experience and demystification of nature forces and earth energies. Increase of attraction of the local recreational area for the local population.


Establishment of a representation of public interests, that in the next two years will draft principles to start projects about different themes such as culture, tourism, nature, etc. in and around Heiligkreuz.


More tourists visit Heiligkreuz, because it offers so much.


Hasle, Schüpfheim


Town Hasle, Town Schüpfheim, Allianzgruppe Hasle, Anwohner Heiligkreuz, Foundation Heiligkreuz


Town Schüpfheim, Town Hasle, Dynalp

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