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Fully, a place where nature can still take you by surprise

Fully, a particular climate for an exceptional nature...

Fully, a particular climate for an exceptional nature...

As part of DYNALP development of tourist projects related to nature, landscape and produce of the terroir, didactic projects and signposting : -Site : Les Follatères -Paths (over 70 kms) -Chestnut groves and didactic paths (17 hectars, commented visits, the Chestnut Feast) -Promoting natural assets (didactic walks among the vines and workmen's huts in the vineyards on the hilltops ; fig trees, olive trees, kaki trees, almond trees and aromatic herbs) -Enhancing the products of the territory.
...and for exceptional products!

...and for exceptional products!


Protecting nature and getting people to know about it ; promoting the economic values related to the assets of the territory (as described below).


Three year plan - funded under the Ordinary Municipal Budget


Allow people to become more acquainted with the wealth of natural beauty, landscapes and local produce so as to stimulate the reception of tourists.




Committees: Municipal Council ; Committees : Tourism, Nature, Follatères, the Chestnut Brotherhood, Farmers and Vine-growers. Municipal Authority delegates, scientists, biologists, farmers, winemakers, cattle breeders etc. make up these committees.


CHF. 20000 personal investment
CHF. 12403 20% Confederation funding
CHF. To be determined = Subsidies from the Canton

Project costs

45'000.00 Euro

Contact person

Hintermann & Weber SA
Etudes et Conseils en environnement
Alain Stuber
Rue de l'Eglise-Catholique 9b
1820 Montreux 2 / CH
Phone number: +41 (0)21 963 64 48
Fax: +41 (0)21 963 65 74

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