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Wildlife and landscape centre for the Pfyn-Finges Regional Natural Park

The Pfyn-Finges Regional Natural Park with its unique natural and cultural landscape pursues two main objectives: on the one hand the intention to offer quality, that is, ensure an area with great environmental quality, and on the other hand the need to protect this area in the long term, and while doing this retain and promote in a sustainable way economic activities especially in the fields of agriculture, forestry and tourism. To achieve this, the Pfyn-Finges Regional Park tries as part of DYNALP to maintain and organise the landscape in the best possible way, and to care for natural areas, while at the same time promoting the economic development of the wider Pfynwald region. One main element of the Regional Park is the "Wildlife and Landscape Centre" in the old Maltese Order coaching inn. In order to apply as many synergies as possible, it is associated with a Documentation Centre and the Administration of the Pfyn-Finges Regional Natural Park. A medium-term objective is to offer rooms for associations, organisations, schools, research, in order to set up a competence centre for the needs of nature and the landscape.


The Wildlife and landscape centre should be active in the fields of environmental education and landscape maintenance in general. It must be a place for nature lovers to start and finish and coordinate the offers from various sides with respect to nature tourism. Through collaboration with various organisations, innovative products in the field of nature tourism must be developed.


- Feasibility study Wildlife and Landscape Centre in the old Maltese Order Coaching Inn in Salgesch
- Preliminary study (uses, possible space allocation)
- Purchase of the old Maltese Order Coaching Inn in Salgesch
- Setting up a working group for the creation of a "Wildlife and Landscape Centre"
- Definition of a construction and operation idea for a Wildlife and Landscape Centre with Park administration (final space allocation, partners, other offers) in collaboration with:
- Pfyn-Finges LER Association ;
- Local Trust Organisation
- Representatives from current Centre
- Environmental associations;
- Definition of a preliminary project for the various uses envisaged (Wildlife and Landscape Centre, Park Administration, Documentation Centre, etc.) in the old Maltese Order Coaching Inn
- Population information;
- Ensure funds;
- Submission of necessary building applications (negotiations with Heritage Trust, etc.)
-Creating a Wildlife and Landscape Centre as component of the Pfyn-Finges Regional Natural Park ;


Complete Information and Competence Centre about Nature and Culture in the Pfyn-Finges Region, to attract and inform tourists and visitors




Town Salgesch, LER (Lebens- und Erlebnisraum Pfyn-Finges)


Costs ranging between €40 to 50 000 are expected for planning and preparation activities.
Funds currently guaranteed by the City for planning and preparation activities €13500

Contact person

Gemeinde Salgesch
Urs Kuonen
Varenstrasse 4
3970 Salgesch / CH
Phone number: +41 27 456 14 53
E-mail: [email protected]