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A Decentralised Hotel in Leuk

The historic town of Leuk does not have any hotel beds; however it does have a number of old apartments lying empty, some requiring renovation. Converting all this available living space scattered throughout the town into hotel rooms is the core idea behind a decentralised hotel in Leuk as part of DYNALP.


The project has a number of objectives: on the one hand to renovate and re-use the empty buildings, helping to preserve and enhance the townscape of Leuk itself, and on the other to promote a gentle, sustainable tourism, with favourable repercussions on employment.
The decentralised hotel in Leuk is a partner project of the Pfyn-Finges Regional Nature Park.


-Selection of the vacant living space;
-Evaluation of its aptitude for conversion into hotel rooms, in close co-operation with the cantonal office for the preservation of monuments and historic buildings;
-Contacts with the property owners; agreement on potential uses (structural, owner's rights);
-Preliminary project;
-Agreement with existing restaurateur (reception, food, etc.) as the direct contact;
-Public information campaign;
-Submission of the relevant applications for planning permission (negotiations with the office for the preservation of monuments and historic buildings, etc.);
-Securing the funding;
-Execution of the decentralised hotel rooms (construction and operation)




Costs of between €25,000 and €30,000 are anticipated for the planning and preparation work.
Amount pledged at present by the Municipality for planning and preparation work: €13,500.

Contact person

Gemeindeverwaltung Leuk
Hanspeter Giger
Sustenstrasse 3
3952 Leuk / CH
Phone number: 027 474 96 60