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Schaan Cadastral Tree Register / Sustainable Development Indicator for the Living Environment

As part of DYNALP a cadastral tree register is to be compiled as an indicator of sustainable development of the living environment in Schaan. Comprising a database and graphics module (map) it is to provide information on the number, location and condition of existing tree species and define tree species worth preserving. The results are to serve as an aid for planning and budgeting maintenance measures and for the subsequent sustainable design of the Schaan townscape.


-Information on tree species, number, locations, etc.
-Define those tree species worth preserving
-Aid for planning maintenance measures and costing
-Data to be compiled into a GIS
-Indicator of the development of the living environment and generator of ideas to further enhance the townscape.


A stand inventory and mapping are to be carried out first, with the data entered into a GIS. A maintenance and cost schedule is then to be drawn up based on the data. The data itself is to be updated continually and made public.


With the compiled and continually updated cadastral tree register and the appropriate PR work new ideas are to be generated for continually shaping the living environment in Schaan (e.g. tree plantings, promotion of indigenous trees species, involvement of schools, etc.)




Municipality of Schaan, Liechtenstein Government, horticultural enterprise, GIS planner, Alpenbüro Netz GmbH


Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein (Dynalp co-financing) €20,000; the rest to be covered by the Municipality of Schaan.

Contact person

Gemeinde Schaan
Werner Frick
Landstrasse 19
9494 Schaan / LI
Phone number: +423 237 72 40
Fax: +423 237 72 59
E-mail: [email protected]