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Pilot project RegioBus Isny Umland

RegioBus at bus station in healthcare centre Isny.

RegioBus at bus station in healthcare centre Isny.

The model project RegioBus Isny-Umland was carried out from 01.01.2003 to 31.12.2005, supported by the German lands Bayern and Baden-Württemberg. The objective of this project was to group and harmonise school, city and regional traffic. Also after the end of the pilot period the partnership collaboration is continued, time tables are determined with all the participants and grants are provided for over-performance, which goes beyond the own cost-effectiveness of the transportation companies, to the benefit of our citizens and guests. With the help of DYNALP, the Marketing of the Project was reinforced, thus achieving better image and use of ÖPNV.
Advertising in the local press.

Advertising in the local press.


Improvement of existing and promotion of future transport systems.
In collaboration of the German länder, counties (Landkreise), cities and towns the region was networked and the spa town Isny (650,000 nights and 850 students) was connected to the public rail network.


Implementation of hourly bus transfers to the railway towns Kempten, Leutkirch, Wangen and Röthenbach. Timetables are determined by the rhythm of the rail, in order to allow for short times to get off and on. Mit Plakaten, Flyern und mit Pressearbeit werden diese Bus/Rail connections are further communicated through posters, flyers and the press.


The PR work (press campaign, timetables, flyers, posters, etc.) is to motivate commuters, students, schoolchildren, resort guests, tourists and travellers to rethink their transport options.


Isny im Allgäu


Federal States: Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg
Administrative Districts: Lindau, Oberallgäu, Ravensburg
Towns: Isny, Leutkirch, Wangen
Municipalities: Argenbühl, Röthenbach, Grünenbach, Maierhöfen


EU DYNALP funding, project participants (various sponsors: 8.552 EUR)

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Hauptamt der Stadtverwaltung
88316 Isny / DE
Phone number: +49 7562 984 119
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