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Lauerz-Zukunft-Lauerz [Lauerz-Future-Lauerz]

As part of DYNALP the Lauerz-Zukunft-Lauerz Project is structured as a modular system and consists of a multitude of partial projects. These in turn include many ideas from residents for actively shaping the future of the Municipality of Lauerz (e.g. leisure courses, natural trails, trick fountains, tourist activities, etc.).


The objective is to shape the future of the Municipality of Lauerz actively and sustainably by involving its residents in the process.


For individual partial projects local residents define project groups that are responsible for planning, co-ordination and implementation.


Residents are involved in shaping the Municipality's future. The community's cohesion and image are thus enhanced, directly and/or indirectly generating revenue for the municipality itself, for trade and agriculture and for the population as a whole.




Residents, higher-level co-ordination team, members of the local authorities


The project is financed by a disbursement from the electricity utility (EBS Schwyz) totalling CHF 50,000.
Co-financed through INTERREG IIIB

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