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Good Practice

Protection of the mountain economy through the development of sustainable tourist offers

Exposure of water streams in Staufenpark.

Exposure of water streams in Staufenpark.

Alps experience itinerary Imberg: in order to bring (young) guests closers to the theme of alpine economy, in the Imberg area a theme path is being created. Nature park Nagelfluhkette: On the initiative of the town of Oberstaufen, the idea of a nature park across the borders, "Nagelfluhkette" between seven towns in western Oberallgäu and seven towns in Vorderen Bregenzer Wald was devised and brought forward. Creation of waters in the Staufer park: in order to increase the attraction of the Staufen park (former park in a treatment area), a pond with open water flow will be added.
Theme path Alberlebnispfad in Imberg.

Theme path Alberlebnispfad in Imberg.


Sustainable regional development in connection with nature protection and landscape care through actions in the sectors of tourism and mountain economy. Ensuring mountain economy and ecologically-friendly forms of tourism through the transmission of knowledge and raising awareness, valorization of landscape and alpine economy, increase of lanscape attraction and ecological enhancement of individual areas.


For the Alps experience itinerary, the nature park and the water course creation, theoretical steps and preparation actions were implemented in DYNALP. Investments and the implementation will occur on this base outside DYNALP.


One effect can only be studied after the implementation of the individual projects. The idea is however to have clearly positive effects in the fields of economy, environment and also social issues.




Town of Oberstaufen; for the nature park also 12 more towns in Germany and Austria: Immenstadt, Bolsterlang, Balderschwang, Blaichach and Obermaiselstein on the German side and Sulzberg, Krumbach, Riefensberg, Langenegg, Lingenau, Hittisau and Sibratsgfäll on the Austrian side.


Own funds and EU funds DYNALP (Sponsorships € 14,656)

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