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Good Practice

  • Untamed river

    Free flowing rivers, along with their ever-changing landscape, river course and bank structure, are a precious rarity in the Alps. One of the last ones is the Friederlaine. A group of young environmentalists explored the hidden gem in the German Alps.

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  • Ecological and community areas

    With its ecological commons zone (“Zone d'écologie communale”, ZEC), the Free Quarter of Lentillères in Dijon/F invents a legal tool to legalise land occupation and thus prevent construction.

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  • Using less soil

    Puy-Saint-André in the French Alps has reduced the buildable municipal area by confiscating "ownerless" land, is saving space thanks to community housing projects and promoting the supply of local food by means of pasture associations.

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  • Rebuild instead of build

    The Austrian municipality of Zwischenwasser on the edge of the Rhine valley is rebuilding instead of building – and doing so at the highest architectural level.

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  • Lively mountain village

    The village of Valendas in the Swiss canton of Graubünden shows how citizens can revive their village architecturally and culturally.

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  • Roads on a diet

    Carinthia/A relies on unsealing and is narrowing kilometres of federal roads. Now they are flanked by green strips and cycle paths.

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  • Affordable primary residences

    Second homes notwithstanding, the municipality of Zermatt/CH wants to secure affordable housing for the local population.

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  • Climate-fit mountain regions

    The "AdaPT Mont-Blanc" project uses a digital toolbox to show what measures are available for adapting to climate change at the spatial planning level.

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  • Stop to second homes

    The Swiss popular initiative "Stop the rampant construction of second homes!" limits the proportion of second homes in municipalities in order to curb urban sprawl.

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  • Shaping the community together

    The German municipality of Ingenried shows how local residents and young people in particular can work together to develop a concept for village development.

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