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Date 27.09.2017 - 25.11.2017
Location Alps
Export ICS-Export

Workshops: Green Economy in the Alpine Region

By organising a set of six workshops the Action Programme for a Green Economy in the Alpine Region wants to involve all relevant stakeholders in the Alpine region in the development process with a specific focus on the business sector, municipalities and towns, regional administration, NGOs and the civil society.

About the workshops

The Federal Republic of Germany represented by the German Environment Agency, and the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention are pleased to invite you to a series of six workshops across the Alpine region. The workshops are scheduled in order to achieve a broad-based participation in the process of drafting the Action Programme and to initiate suitable actions.
Each workshop consists of a plenary session with keynote inputs as well as group work sessions to discuss specific topics in more detail. The outcomes of the six workshops will be used to draft and finalise the Action Programme. 
We would like to invite you to the six workshops and to give you the opportunity to meet other Green Economy actors and bring in your ideas and proposals!
The workshops are free of charge.

  • Workshop 1: Business models for the sustainable use of natural resources in the Alpine region (27 September 2017, Immenstadt, D)
  • Workshop 2: Circular economy (25 October 2017, Edolo, IT)

  • Workshop 3: Alpine towns as pioneers for a Green Economy (9/10 November 2017, Villach, AT)

  • Workshop 4: Eco-innovations (13 November 2017, Basel, CH)

  • Workshop 5: Climate change, energy and construction (14 November 2017, Grenoble FRA)

  • Workshop 6: Financing innovation for a Green Economy (25 November 2017, Gorizia IT

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