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Webinar: «Recognizing rights of nature: a condition for survival»

Oct 08, 2020
How could the rights of nature be implemented under European Union law? How can the European Union guarantee its economic, democratic and social objectives and values in a collapsing natural world? 
  • Oct 13, 2020 from 06:30 PM to 08:00 PM


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«Towards a European recognition of the rights of nature» is a series of conference initiated by MEP Marie Toussaint, aiming at initiating a global dialogue, with all actors from the European institutions, Member States and civil society involved in the protection of nature, inorder to reflect and debate on the opportunities represented by the recognition of nature rights within the European Union.

Marie Toussaint will open this series of conference on October 13 (6.30 p.m), with a first online webinar entitled «Recognizing rights of nature: a condition for survival», with the participation of philosopher and researcher Achille Mbembe, international law and nature rights expert and activist Valérie Cabanes, environmental law researcher Nathalie Hervé Founereau and literary historian Ewa Kulis.

You can follow the conference live on zoom (in English and French) and Facebook (in English). See all details here. To register to the conference, please complete this form: