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Eco-tourism in the Alps

Feb 11, 2010
In the Alps there are already many forms of nature-orientated tourism, which, in some of its fundamental objectives, is very much like eco-tourism. While nature-orientated tourism in the Alps has a great deal of potential when it comes to value added and niche appeal, it does not have the growth potential attributed to global eco-tourism. There are, however, signs that nature-orientated tourism will gain in significance in the Alps in the years to come. Current discussions on eco-tourism can provide the impetus for those responsible for tourism policy to give more thought to an overall strategy for nature-orientated tourism in the Alps, together with the key players operating at the grass-roots level. Additional relevant material on the issue can be found in other language versions of this page.
Postauto im Schweizerischen Nationalpark.
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Die Regionen müssen bereit sein, sich für "ihren" Bus zu engagieren, auch finanziell. ©
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