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Leisure-related traffic

Mar 15, 2008
The background report for the "Mobility and Leisure" Dossier features the latest facts and figures on the subject of leisure-related traffic. What activities act as its driving force? What modes of transport are actually used? How do different countries compare? And what sort of problems does leisure-related mobility entail? The main section features examples of the implementation of sustainable mobility in leisure-related traffic in the Alpine region. The emphasis is on special public transport offers for leisure activities as well as projects for sustainable transport solutions for tourism. In countries such as Switzerland, Austria or Germany leisure-related traffic already accounts for 50 to 60% of the overall traffic volume. In these countries the proportion of private motorised traffic in leisure-related traffic is very high, at around 60% to 80%. That proportion of leisure-related traffic is set to increase in the future. Additional relevant material on the issue can be found in other language versions of this page.
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