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Wind energy in the Alps

Mar 15, 2008
For some time now concerns about global warming and all its consequences, due mainly to the CO2 emissions released by the burning of fossil energy forms, have cleared the way for a rethink on fossil fuels. The economic backdrop is also changing. Up until now, renewable energies had little chance of success as long as oil prices were falling. Now, however, renewable energies are becoming less expensive. Leading the way in matters of cost-effectiveness is wind energy. Meanwhile the price of crude oil has reached new highs, and the trend is upwards. Aside from the depletion of natural resources, oil cannot be relied on in future. Additional relevant material on the issue can be found in other language versions of this page.
Fotomontage Windparks
Image caption:
Zukünftige Windparks als prägende Landschaftselemente © ÖAV Fachabteilung Raumplanung-Naturschutz, Fotomontage: P. Bonato, Fachabt. Raumpl.-Naturschutz