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Energy self-sufficient regions

Oct 25, 2010
This compact provides an overview of energy self-sufficient regions in the Alps. Chapter 2 describes in a nutshell CIPRA’s central concern to make the Alps energy self-sufficient. Chapter 3 explores the idea of energy selfsufficiency in more detail. The most common arguments in favour of creating an energy self-sufficient region are then summarised. Chapter 5 looks at the individual building blocks, networks and structures that make up the energy self-sufficiency process; details of regional energy concepts are outlined and the success factors that promote the development of energy regions listed. Chapter 6 draws conclusions and then presents a number of examples of good practice from the Alpine region: three predominantly rural regions, one urban initiative from Bolzano and the state of Vorarlberg representing a larger region. Additional relevant material on the issue can be found in other language versions of this page.