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Ecological networks in the Alpine region

In nature and species conservation a paradigm shift has started in the last few years: static nature protection in isolated protected areas is not sufficient for conserving biodiversity, but approaches are needed that take the dynamic of nature and land use change into account. This change of attitudes contributed to the establishment of the model of a functioning ecological network in the Alps, which can contribute to conserve the extraordinary rich Alpine diversity. The background report provides summary information on key instruments such as conventions, legislation, regulations and programmes relating to ecological networks at national and global level. Particular attention has been paid to information from the Alpine region. The Report also explains why ecological networks are important and how they work. Examples of international, alpine-wide, national and regional projects illustrate what different stakeholders are doing to improve the network situation. Further information on the subject in various languages can be found on under the headings: News, Events, Information services - Publications and Links
Alpenrheintal bei Sargans/CH
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