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  • Natural diversity through stones

    What do the large woolly bee, the protected fire-bellied toad, the busy ant and the white stonecrop have in common? They all feel right at home in and around cairns, which CIPRA’s “StoneRich” project is creating in seven pilot regions.

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  • The role of forests in climate change

    What role will forests play in the future in the face of climate change? At the end of 2023, CIPRA Slovenia co-organized a meeting of various interest groups on this topic. Experts agreed on the need to designate more areas where forests are left unmanaged.

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  • The urban exodus and the climate

    Many mountain regions in the Alps are affected by out-migration. However, climate change is also causing some people to migrate – at least temporarily – from the cities to the mountains, as an Italian research project shows.

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  • UNESCO recognizes Alpine season as cultural heritage

    In December 2023, UNESCO added the “Alpine season” to its Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Known for centuries in Switzerland and neighbouring countries, the Alpine season remains alive and well thanks to its many different forms.

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  • Working together for better public mobility

    In many rural areas of the Alps, public transport services are inadequate, both for daily needs and for tourism development. The new project by CIPRA France and CIPRA Germany aims to promote cooperation between stakeholders and to stimulate creative processes of international exchange so as to develop solutions.

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  • Point of view: Mountains for everyone? Not a chance!

    Access to the mountains and mountain sports is often unfair, exclusive, segregating and discriminatory. Henriette Adolf, Deputy Executive Director of CIPRA Germany, argues in favour of equal participation in mountain sports.

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  • Extreme weather at a glance across the Alps

    At the end of November, a new Alpine-wide research centre presented itself to the public at the Schneefernerhaus, the German environmental research station below the Zugspitze peak: the “TUM Alpha – Centre for Alpine Hazards and Risks” will coordinate, on an international basis, the prediction of extreme climate events in the mountains.

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  • 2030 Winter Olympics in Nice

    Switzerland’s idea of decentralised, sustainable games has been rejected by the IOC. Instead, the French Mediterranean city of Nice is very likely to be awarded the contract.

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  • Short story: The sheet of paper

    We present one of the five short stories that won an award in the short story competition as part of the "Reading mountains (Berge lesen)" festival 2023in Vaduz.

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  • Nudging in Alpine tourism

    How can visitors to sensitive natural areas in the Alps be encouraged to behave responsibly without either prohibitions or financial incentives? The role of behavioural psychology in this field was discussed by some 150 participants in the webinar entitled “Nudging in Alpine Tourism”, held in September 2023.

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