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Jun 03, 2014

Climate & Energy Projects

Constructive Alps

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Building with sense and sensitivity: Switzerland and Liechtenstein are offering a prize of 50,000 euros for sustainably renovated and newly constructed buildings in the Alps. How can aesthetic living in the Alps be combined with caring for nature? The “Constructive Alps” architecture prize, offered by the Swiss and Liechtenstein government, intends to provide the answers. The search is on for new and sustainably renovated structures – in industry, private or communal residential buildings, and public buildings – completed in the Alps.. More

Alpine Dialogue

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Energy transition does not stop at the gates of the Alps. A low carbon society and nuclear phase-out are on the political agenda of the Alpine governments.In sensitive natural areas of the Alps, the increased use of renewable energycan lead – and is already leading – to significant conflicts. More


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"The ideal house is warm in winter and cool in summer " ... Socrates allegedly said. This is also possible without heating and air conditioning systems. Through project climalp, CIPRA promotes the construction of energy-efficient buildings with regional timber in the Alpine area. CIPRA organises excursions and also provides information about wood value chain, climate protection and opportunities for promotion in the individual Alpine countries. More


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Making the Alps a carbon-neutral region by 2050 was the objective of the Alpine Space Project ALPSTAR, Towards Carbon-neutral Alps – Making Best Practice the Minimum Standard. Together 13 partners from the Alpine region came up with ways of effectively reducing CO2 emissions in the Alpine region. Together with the project partners, CIPRA wanted to use Alpstar to contribute its share to implementing the Alpine Convention’s climate action plan, a plan which it had initiated itself. More

C3-Alps Climate Change Capitalisation

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C3 stands for Climate Change Capitalisation, and that is precisely this Interreg Alpine Space Project was all about. C3-Alps aimed to close the gap between the theoretical knowledge available on the topic of climate adaptation and its practical applications. Integrated knowledge has been generated, i.e. adopting a cross-sector approach to the topic; cross-sector adaptation strategies have been developed too. In this way added value is to be achieved compared with previous projects. The basis consisted of 10 to 15 climate projects that are already up and running or completed as part of Interreg as well as outside its scope. More


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MountEE aims to give support to municipalities in three European mountain areas (Scandinavia, Alps, Pyrenees) in order to help them change their way of construction and renovation towards more energy efficiency and sustainability, with a focus on public buildings, including social housing. Renewable energy plays an important role here. More


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The “CIPRA compact” collection within cc.alps features various theme books that deal critically with climate measures in the Alps. The collection comprises the fields of activity: energy, building and construction, energy self-sufficient regions, spatial planning, transport, tourism, nature protection, agriculture, forestry and water. More


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At the end of 2012 the project "cc.alps - climate change: looking one step further" has come to an end. During four years CIPRA International together with a wide range of experts and practitioners has shown what intelligent climate activities should look like. More