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Oct 26, 2014

The variety of the Alps: a challenge and an opportunity

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The Italian Alps are a region rich in cultural and landscape diversity that also presents many contradictions: marginal rural areas and densely populated valley floors, small villages and large urban areas, resorts for mass tourism and practically unspoilt natural areas. CIPRA Italy similarly seeks to merge sometimes differing knowledge and skills, but with one single objective: that of ensuring a total vision of the territory and striving for a quality of life in the Alpine region areas that gives due consideration to the social, environmental and economic aspects.

Broadening our horizons

We therefore try to make use of our partners’ competences and presence here, both as regards nature conservation and in terms of planning, communication or applied research. The path taken by CIPRA Italy, founded in 1992 as a purely ecological organisation, has been characterised by its engagement and opening up to policymakers in the sense of public institutions, Alpine municipalities, the regions and the Environment Ministry. The aim in future is to expand our horizons by intensifying public relations work and collaboration with the voluntary sector and the research sector, as well as increasing our range of contacts to include those working in the territory and Alpine businesses.

The Alps need everyone

CIPRA Italy consists both of large-scale organisations as well as of smaller associations and public bodies (e.g. certain nature parks). This means that everyone can make themselves heard and become a promoter of specific requests, initiatives and proposals.

CIPRA Italy, by continuing to foster the building of networks, as well as engagement and exchanges of experiences at international level, in future wishes to open up to young people in particular in order to provide them with the same opportunities enjoyed by current generations and ensure that they become active and responsible citizens in their own habitat: the Alps.