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Alpine Dialogue

Energy transition does not stop at the gates of the Alps. A low carbon society and nuclear phase-out are on the political agenda of the Alpine governments. In sensitive natural areas of the Alps, the increased use of renewable energy can lead – and is already leading – to significant conflicts, for instance between the last natural rivers and hydropower.

Towards a common vision for energy transition

 Besides the increase in renewable energies and their impact, there must be a strong focus on the possibilities of reducing energy consumption. It is important therefore to address the following questions:

  • How can energy transition succeed in the Alps?
  • Which role should the Alps play in this/these process/es?
  • How can all stakeholders become involved in this process of change?
  • What kind of society do we want?
  • How much energy do we need?

Because these questions are cross-border in nature and concern the whole Alpine region and beyond, CIPRA wishes to discuss them with all involved stakeholders. Taking the role of moderator, CIPRA desires and is developing a common vision for a sustainable energy transition in the Alps through the “Alpine dialogue”.

The first step in the Alpine dialogue was the workshop held in October 2013 in Lucerne/CH. Workshop information, presentations and results can be found here.

The Alpine dialogue is open to all persons engaged or interested in energy transition from a political, ecological, economic or social point of view. If you want to participate and stay informed on the next steps in the Alpine dialogue, please contact CIPRA International ().

> More information, downloads from the workshop