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The first “Alpine Changemaker Basecamp” will take place in July 2021. (c) CIPRA International

The “Alpine Changemaker Basecamp” is organized by the “Alpine Changemaker Network”, an association of organizations from education, regional development and environment, which transcends national borders, generations, institutional barriers and cultures of thinking and acting. Its members enable a change of perspective and expand personal and collective agency. In this way, the network strengthens Alpine society, its resilience and cohesion, and contributes to making the Alpine region environmentally sustainable and viable as a living and economic space. The network and the “Alpine Changemaker Basecamp” are accompanied by a reflection group. This group accompanies the conception and implementation of the Basecamps and carries out an evaluation so that the network itself learns and develops in the best possible way.

The Mentoring Programme

The participants selected for the “Alpine Changemaker Basecamp” are assigned a mentor – as a contact person for the preparation phase and for support during their own project phase after the Basecamp. Where, how, how often and whether the mentoring takes place virtually or physically are agreed upon individually by mentee and mentor according to needs and possibilities.

The Changemaker Network

The “Alpine Changemakers” also meet up to three times a year after Basecamp for peer-to-peer coaching sessions. They choose the framework of these meetings according to their resources and document them in a transparent way (minutes, video, summary, pictures, etc.) to reflect on the (learning) experiences and challenges of such peer-to-peer coaching.

In July 2022, a network meeting will take place in Silandro/I in the Vinschgau Valley. Participation is part of the overall mentoring programme and is required. There, the “Alpine Changemakers” will present their projects and their respective progress and share their learning and experiences. In addition, they become mentors for the next generation of “Alpine Changemakers” for one day, as the second “Alpine Changemaker Basecamp” takes place there afterwards.


The "Alpine Changemaker Basecamp" project is funded by the Mercator Foundation Switzerland.

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