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Wildpoldsried Innovative and Ready for the future - WIR

Apr 03, 2008
The village of Wildpoldsried has developed a three-pillar model comprising the following components: 1. Regenerative energy production and energy savings 2. Maximum use of wood as an ecological construction material 3. Protection of surface and underground water resources and waste water treatment. The measures implemented in the framework of this general strategy in the last few years include the following: 1. Construction of a district heating system for the village 2. Construction of a wooden sports centre and timber parking garage 3. Creation of wetland waterscapes with flood protection

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Fields: Energy supply, Nature protection, Education, Construction and the home
Location: Wildpoldsried / DE
Start: 01.11.1999
Project period: continuous
Contact: Susi Vogl, Gemeinde Wildpoldsried (e-Mail)



Community activities designed to build awareness among residents and visiting parties for climate protection.
1. Construction of a district heating system serving all public buildings and a number of private properties.
2. Use of wood to promote forestry in the region and the use of natural construction materials, also for big public buildings.
3. Following completion of the WiWaLaMoor wetland waterscape project, the people of Wildpoldsried are protected from flooding, and excursions are available to demonstrate natural rainwater management and ecological waster water treatment (constructed wetland as a biofilter).
The objective is to draw attention to the many urgently needed sustainable climate protection measures relating to energy, wood and water, and to organise excursions, talks and workshops in Wildpoldsried so as to encourage others to follow suit. The success of this strategy is illustrated by the growing numbers of bookings for visits to Wildpoldsried.


1. Energy: Collective buying campaigns for photovoltaic/solar systems, PV arrays on public buildings (with local clubs looking after them), free energy counselling for residents, municipal energy management for public buildings, construction of a 400 kw wood pellet heating system for the village (also catering for private properties), modified land use plan for wind power, campaign to convert vehicle engines to vegetable oil, street lighting conversion, submissions for the European Energy Award (building thermography and heat pump replacement campaigns planned for 2008).
2. Wood: First school constructed with laminated timber beams in 1996, Germany’s first wooden car-parking garage built in 2005, wooden sports centre built in 2004 (147 kwp PV array on south-facing roof, grassed north-facing roof for controlled rainwater seepage, connection to district heating system).
3. Water: WiWaLaMoor wetland waterscape project, with natural rainwater retention (1850 m³), constructed wetland biofilter, natural swimming pool, sewage sludge humification, meadow orchard with 16 different varieties (with scientific monitoring), wetland nature trail (open classroom).

Results (CO2 savings) 

1. Over 250 % of total power consumption in the village now covered by regenerative energy (1580 kwp photovoltaic arrays, 5 wind power plants, 3 hydropower plants, 4 biogas plants). The district heating plant produces annual savings of 150,000 litres of heating oil and 470 tons of CO². The village also has 880 m² of solar panels and several smaller wood chip heating systems. The village’s positive energy image is motivating more residents to invest in innovative, climate-friendly systems.
2. More and more residents and also other municipalities are impressed by Wildpoldsried’s new wooden buildings and are going for timber construction, too. That has persuaded Messrs Prutscher (leading company for passive log house construction) to move to Wildpoldsried.
3. In heavy rains, the water collects and run-off is delayed. That takes the pressure off the immediate surroundings and downstream waterways. The water quality achieved with the constructed wetland biofilter system as the final link in the ecological cycle is well in excess of the provisions of the codes.


District heating plant and village PV systems planned and operated by Dorfentwicklungs-GmbH (owned 100% by the local authority). Indoor sports centre built on council land by Wildpoldsried Sports Club with additional funding from the local and regional authorities. WiWaLaMoor wetland waterscape project managed by the local authority with 50% co-financing by the EU.


The mission statement at Wildpoldsried, namely „Wildpoldsried – Innovative and Ready for the future (WIR)” is based on the three pillars of energy, wood and water. The measures involved are so numerous that they can only be briefly listed here: district heating (pellets), wind power, photovoltaic systems, wood construction, WiWaLaMoor wetland waterscape project, and much else besides. ... More


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