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IG Bus Alpin

Apr 03, 2008
21.12.2010: In 2005 - 2007 the Bus Alpin pilot project was implemented in four mountain regions of Switzerland that had little or no public transport to introduce new bus services and test them for a two-year period. The services transported 23,000 passengers, saving 100 tons of CO2 and generating 2 million Swiss francs in added value. IG Bus Alpin has since been established to consolidate the services in the longer term and extend the system to include four more regions.

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Fields: Transport and mobility, Tourism
Location: Switzerland
Start: 01.01.2008
Duration: 2 years 
Contact: Samuel Bernhard, solèr + bernhard (E-Mail)

bus alpin


• Guaranteeing the long-term availability of the bus services introduced and further developed in the four pilot regions
• Operate a contact point and information platform for interested parties
• Providing professional groups and the general public with information relating to the creation of public transport services for tourism destinations
• Recruiting additional regions as members of IG Bus Alpin in order to improve public transport to tourism destinations
• Providing advisory support for new members of IG Bus Alpin relating to the improvement of public transport 
• Creating and strengthening synergies through joint marketing activities for services provided by members of IG Bus Alpin


- Establishment of working groups and support groups with members from the fields of politics, transport and tourism

- Development of public transport concepts and systems, and introduction of services

- Permanent securing of funds for the trial period

- Marketing the public transport services and PR work

- Operate the website

- Organisation of a member’s meeting for knowledge sharing

Results (CO2-savings)

In seven pilot regions new bus services have been created. A total of 27,000 passengers have used the services (2009). The results of a survey based on a questionnaire are as follows:

- Without the bus services, 30% of passengers would have travelled by car to these or other regions

- Taking into account the emissions deriving from the new bus services, the reduction in car usage represents a net saving of 100 tons of CO2 in the interest of climate protection

- The pilot project in the four regions generated 2 million Swiss francs in added value

-The project has received public recognition in the form of two prizes in the framework of the Swiss 2007 Public Transport Innovation Award (organised by the Swiss transport associations VCS, SEV and VöV), plus an award made to one of the regions by the Schweiz Pur organisation

- The project is one of the cc.alps winning projects (2008)


IG Bus Alpin is promoted by Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für die Berggebiete SAB, Verkehrs-Club der Schweiz VCS, Schweizer Alpen-Club SAC and PostAuto Schweiz AG.


IG Bus Alpin, the Working Group for Public Transport for Tourism Destinations in the Swiss Mountains, takes over where public transport normally terminates – by providing demand-based services for the “last mile”, i.e. they bridge the gap between the existing network and the required destination.  ... More


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