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Climate house

Apr 03, 2008
Climate House is a certification scheme targeted at energy savings, a comfortable interior environment and an active contribution to climate protection. The Climate House project is based on three pillars: awareness building, training and counselling. The Climate Certificate provides consumer-friendly access to the complex subject of energy savings and explains in simple form the total energy efficiency of a building. To date more than a thousand Italian buildings have been certified on this basis.

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Fields: Construction and the home, Environmental protection, Education 
Location: Bolzano provincial authority (IT)
Start: 22.02.2002 
Contact: Gebhard Platter, KlimaHaus Agentur GmbH (e-Mail)



The Climate House project stands for energy-efficient construction and an excellent interior climate. It is an impressive illustration of how public authorities can achieve general awareness building for the need for CO2 reductions in the field of construction. From the start, the positive image of a certified Climate House was enough to persuade clients to go for an energy-efficient building; neither subsidies nor legal provisions were needed to make good progress with the project. The aim of the project now is to further disseminate this positive image and build up even greater awareness for the benefits of climate-friendly construction. In the long term, this construction standard is to be applied not only to new buildings but also to existing properties.


Certification and labelling: The Climate House Agency works mainly in the field of building certification. An energy certificate is used to make energy consumption something more tangible and more easily understood. In the meantime a dedicated computer programme provides reference values for the whole of Italy. An assessment and certification on the basis of the Climate House standard gives clients an objective yardstick for the energy consumption of their buildings and hence greater transparency on the real estate market. Training and continuous education: Training programmes have been created to provide planners and other actors in the construction industry with technical information relating to energy-efficient and sustainable construction and the use of different energy sources with a special focus on renewable energy. Counselling is offered in the planning and construction phases for the effective implementation of energy-saving measures.

Results (CO2-savings)

From February 2002 to June 2008, more than a thousand buildings were certified to the Climate House standard. These Climate Houses make an active contribution to climate protection, saving 6,000 tons of CO2 a year through enhanced energy efficiency. That is the equivalent of 3 million litres of heating oil (approx. 3 million cubic metres of natural gas). Today the Climate House standard is also being applied in Italy outside of Bolzano Province, where it is legally binding, and fast-growing interest is also being shown in other countries.


The project was initiated by the Office of Air and Noise at the Bolzano provincial authority. Since 2006, Climate House Agentur GmbH has been responsible for ongoing project development.


The Climate House Agency works mainly in the field of certification for energy-saving buildings. A dedicated computer programme now provides reference values for the whole of Italy. ... More


Kindergarden Andrian (KlimaHaus A+)
Photographer: Matteo Taibon

City hall St. Lorenzen (KlimaHaus Gold)
Photographer: Georg Hofer

Award ceremony