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“100% from the region for the region” – sustainable energy supply in Achental

Apr 03, 2008
The project is designed to create a model of sustainable energy supply and utilisation in the whole of the Achental. The target is "100% from the region for the region by 2020". The technical goal of the highly efficient and sustainable use of biogenic waste materials is incorporated in the overall strategy pursued by Ökomodell Achental e.V.

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Fields: Energy supply, Construction and the home, Education, Forestry
Location: Achental (Bavaria/DE)
Start: 03.03.2005
Project period: 2 years starting
Contact: Wolfgang Wimmer, Biomassehof Achental GmbH + CoKG (e-Mail)



Creation of regional cycles and value chains for the use of bio-energy resources in a model system of supply, processing and consumption. Great importance is attached to maximum efficiency in the employment of resources so that the region’s energy requirements for heating and power can be met from regional sources of renewable energy by 2020. The high level of efficiency is to be met through the following measures:
- targeted sourcing, processing and supply of all bio-energy resources in the region;
- optimised logistics and processing, while minimising resulting CO2 emissions;
- efficient utilisation of resources through combined heat and power and small-scale district heating networks;
- reduction in demand through savings in heat and power consumption;
Additional goals: exploitation for tourism; broad-based awareness-building for sustainable climate-friendly development in the region.


- Development of intensive co-operation between local authorities in the framework of the Achental eco-model;
- Detailed inventory of potential biomass production and energy requirements in the framework of the EU’s RES-Integration project;
- Construction and operation of an Achental biomass plant managed by Ökomodell Achental e.V.;
- Development and implementation of initial demand reduction measures, e.g. boiler replacement in the framework of contracting projects;
- Energy counselling for local residents and intensive PR.
Planned measures:
- Establishment of a Bio-energy Forum involving all key actors in the region;
- Education and training for selected target groups (heating engineers, hotel and catering trade, agriculture and forestry) as well as for residents, visitors and schools;
- Installation of a highly efficient ORC power generation plant with heat utilisation in a big district heating network;
- Technical and economic optimisation of regional biomass processing, e.g. drying with waste heat utilisation.

Results (CO2 savings)

Planned results:
- sustainable utilisation of more than 80 % of regional biomass;
- all key actors involved in the scheme including education and training programmes;
- minimised energy requirements and cost of biomass mobilisation;
- self-sufficiency in terms of energy supply by 2020, with annual savings of 128,000 tons of CO2 (reference year 2006);
- awareness-raising in neighbouring regions and European countries through a programme of visits, training and PR; follow-up projects expected to generate a further 500,000 tons of savings in CO2;
- freeze on energy costs in the region at the level of 2007;
- positive bio-energy image used to promote the region as a tourism destination.


PPP model (public-private partnership) with Biomassehof Achental GmbH und CoKG, a subsidiary of Ökomodell Achental e.V. The Achental Biomass Plant is at the centre of implementation for all measures relating to the sustainable and economical use of energy from the region for the region.