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Workshop in Lucerne (CH), October 2013

Apr 08, 2014
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Alpine dialogue in Lucerne: common background knowledge on energy transition

Around 30 participants from all of the Alpine countries were invited by CIPRA to meet for the first edition of the “Alpine dialogue” on energy transition, held on 23 and 24 October 2013 in Lucerne (CH).

Input and exchange

The meeting began with inputs on energy transition from Hanspeter Guggenbühl, a journalist and expert on energy transition, and Antony Patt, an expert on human environment systems. The national representatives of CIPRA presented the situation and status quo in each Alpine country in the form of a marketplace. Following these inputs, participants from numerous different kinds of organisations (NGOs, civil society, local and national authorities, experts) exchanged their viewpoints and together began to define a common vision for a successful and sustainable energy transition at local, national and international level.

Results and documentation

Here you can find the presentations of the experts, posters on national situations with a synthesis and the minutes of the meeting.


Situation of energy transition in the alpine countries: Posters presented at the alpine dialogue

CIPRA is working to make the Alpine dialogue go further. Follow-up activities will take place in 2014.

If you want to participate and stay informed on the next steps in the Alpine dialogue, please contact [email protected]

The first Alpine dialogue on energy transition was organised by CIPRA International and CIPRA Switzerland in the framework of the Interreg Alpine Space project Alpstar and the climalp project. Financial support has been provided by ARE (Swiss Office for Spatial Development), the Canton of St. Gallen, the Principality of Liechtenstein and private foundations.

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