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A common credo

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The Bavarian Alps lie just outside such major cities as Munich and Augsburg, with housing, roads and leisure requirements all putting considerable pressure on the Alpine foothills and the Alps themselves. Fostering biodiversity and at the same time advocating a “good life in the Alps” is the common goal of the member organisations of CIPRA Germany. As an umbrella organisation we combine the positions of our members in order to enter into dialogue with the public, with policymakers and with the administrative authorities.

Preserving diversity in the Alps

Our common goal is to preserve an Alpine environment for our young people that is worth living in, one where it is still possible to drink water from the streams, where black grouse and Alpine salamanders can be seen and a variety of healthy produce is available from local farms. We therefore support forms of nature-oriented tourism that can manage without new lift systems or snow cannons, and we promote ideas and projects that will help prevent climate change. Together with our member organisations, we support golden eagles and other wildlife in protected areas in Bavaria and beyond, and we therefore organise talks with specialists, politicians, citizens and our member organisations in order to assist the healthy development of the Bavarian Alps.

Small steps – big goals

The Alpine Convention and its implementation remains an important goal for CIPRA Germany. In 2015-16 Germany is holding the presidency of the Alpine Convention and CIPRA Germany will be providing support. Hardly anyone now doubts that the energy transition represents a milestone on the way to sustainability: but new energy policies must not mean that nature and landscape have to suffer. We collaborate with climate-friendly projects and seek dialogue with policymakers in order to stop every tiny stream from being used for hydropower or to prevent attractive panoramas from being blighted by wind turbines. Mixed mountain woodlands with wide species diversity and a halt to the decrease in numbers of species, including in protected areas, are important future tasks that will present challenges for our projects, concepts and discussions in the coming years.

Founded: 1985

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