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CIPRA France

Feb 26, 2021
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The French delegation of CIPRA, based in Grenoble, acts together with its partners – various groups, universities, organisations and private individuals – in the French Alps. Its strong links to the CIPRA network allow CIPRA France to intervene throughout the entire Alpine region.

Protection of our natural heritage

CIPRA France has a double strategy: the upholding and protecting of nature and the environment, and the encouragement of sustainable development. CIPRA France wishes to aid those seeking new directions and thus support the preservation of all our cultural and natural resources.

The main general topics of interest of CIPRA France are sustainable development and the protection of the cultural and natural heritage of the Alps while improving the quality of life there. A particular focus is given to questions relating to mobility and transnational traffic.

Developing and realising ideas together

The association also supports local municipalities in fields such as the energy transition or spatial planning in mountain regions, and offers services to the local population. Use is made of proven methods and procedures from the Alpine region, from France to Slovenia, in order to develop new ideas together with local stakeholders and support them in their actual implementation.