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Alpine Town of the year Association

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... is an association of alpine towns which have been awarded the title of "Alpine Town of the Year". The title commends an alpine town for its particular commitment to the implementation of the Alpine Convention and is awarded by an international Jury.

In the area of application of the Alpine Convention, every town can become "Alpine Town of the year ", which shows its intention to put the Alpine Convention into practice. This means, to prove that ecology, economics and social/cultural issues are not alternatives, but they can integrate mutually in a sensible and future-oriented approach.

The Alpine Town of the Year undertakes

  • To shape a sustainable future, by developing and carrying out concrete and innovative actions for the implementation of the Alpine Convention with respect to the sustainable development of the Alpine Area in as many as possible of the twelve fields of the Alpine Convention
  • To strengthen the Alpine awareness, by maintaining and developing in a sustainable way its cultural and natural heritage. 
  • To have the population involved, by inviting interested people and associations to collaborate in the activities and occasions within the framework of the "Alpine town of the Year" 
  • To strengthen the bridges with its region, by enhancing its relationships with surrounding regions as well as with the regions outside the Alpine area
  • To extend the collaboration, by exchanging experiences with other towns inside and outside the Alps and defining common interests

The holders of the title have joined forces to form the Alpine Town of the Year Association. The management of the Association is in the hands of CIPRA International.


Contact "Alpine Town of the Year" Association  

Magdalena Holzer, c/o CIPRA International
Tel. +423 237 5353
Kirchstrasse 5, 9494 Schaan