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Mission Statement


What motivates us

We respect the beauty and diversity of the Alps: a living environment to which we feel strongly attached to our very core - we see ourselves as being a part of them. We understand the importance of the Alps for Europe as a whole, in themselves, as a recreational environment for  visitors, and a reservoir for vital resources such as water, forests and biodiversity. They form both our living and leisure environment and the foundation for our future. This awareness motivates us to pursue our objectives with dedication and foresight.

What we want

We envision the Alps as a functional and balanced ecosystem, also offering an appealing life to us and to future generations. We aspire to a region that is climate-neutral and nature-positive, with landscapes that ensure quality of life while respecting ecological boundaries. We believe that long-term economic viability can only be achieved through sustainable development. We therefore advocate lifestyles and economic systems that are mindful of nature so that the Alpine region can flourish and prosper forever. We strongly desired the Alpine Convention before it existed: now we want to see it fully implemented.

Who we are

CIPRA is an independent non-governmental and non-profit umbrella organisation, committed since 1952 to the protection and sustainable development of the Alps. With its international executive office in Liechtenstein, its national representations in seven Alpine countries and beyond, and around one hundred member organisations, CIPRA today is an important Alpine-wide network. This allows us to be pioneers and to address current and future challenges with a pan-Alpine view, aiming for a sustainable future in the Alps.
The Alpine Convention, an international treaty advocated for by CIPRA since our foundation and signed in 1991 by the Alpine countries and the European Union, has since provided a legal framework and a platform for cross-border co-operation. While it remains a reference for us, we also look beyond it.

What we do

CIPRA communicates in several languages, providing information to the public, experts, politicians, the media, entrepreneurs and anyone with an interest in the Alps. We publicise exemplary projects, criticise undesirable developments, and showcase innovative players and stakeholders.
CIPRA takes action on behalf of the Alps. We exert pressure on policymakers, authorities and industry. We participate in politically relevant processes that affect the Alps, in primis the Alpine Convention, and contribute to global efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.
CIPRA brings people, projects and organisations together beyond the boundaries of age, language, culture, geography and politics.
CIPRA develops and implements projects that show the way and encourages others to implement their own ideas for the protection and sustainable development of the Alps.
As an umbrella organisation CIPRA represents people and organisations dedicated to life in the Alps.

What we are good at

We have a strong network formed of our own members and we interact with other networks of experts, protected areas, communities and youth, spanning the entire Alpine region. We are multi-generational, polyglot, diverse and not afraid to experiment. We keep abreast of trends  and are visionary in suggesting what is possible. We are good at creating projects to implement sustainable ways of life. We master various social and traditional media and communicate in five languages with a massive overall outreach. As official observers to the Alpine Convention, we are its custodians and strive for its implementation. We are also good at using broader political processes to bring sustainability to the Alps. We continue to develop thanks to the stimulus from our network of members, the CIPRA Youth Council and the experts’ Sounding Board.

CIPRA Vision & Mission (Situation as at 2021)