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CIPRA is an autonomous non-governmental, non-profit umbrella organisation that has been committed to the protection and sustainable development of the Alps since 1952. With its international executive office in Liechtenstein, its representatives in seven Alpine states and around one hundred member organisations and institutions CIPRA today represents an important alpine-wide network.

Karte der nationalen CIPRA-Vertretungen
CIPRA Austria

9 Organisations

9 Federal states

CIPRA France

17 Organisations

CIPRA Germany

10 Organisations


CIPRA Italia

22 Organisations

CIPRA Liechtenstein

10 Organisations

CIPRA Slovenia

130 Single members

CIPRA South Tyrol

12 Organisations

10 local groups:

Umweltgruppe Andrian - Umweltgruppe Bozen - Umweltgruppe Eppan - Umweltgruppe Jenesien - Umweltgruppe Kaltern - Umweltgruppe Olang - Umweltgruppe Salurn - Umweltschutzgruppe Terlan - Umweltgruppe Ulten - Umweltgruppe Wipptal 


CIPRA Switzerland

12 Organisations


Supporting member

Nederlandse Klim en Bergsport Vereniging,