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Datum 14.05.2019 00:00 - 15.05.2019 00:00
Ort Morbegno/It
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Learning and networking for sustainable development in the Alps The Alpine School Model & OurAlps international network

Learn about two main outputs of the YOUrALPs project, the Alpine School Model and the OurAlps Network, at an international conference !

Are you  a professional in education, mountain education or mountain activities in the Alps? Are you a policymaker? Do you work for an association, a public authority, a protected area or a network? Are you a young person passionate about  the Alps?

You're invited to discover the Alpine School Model and OurAlps, international network of mountain education in the Alps and to participate in their development!

During the Alpine School Model presentation, the experiences of schools and informal organizations who tested the model during the project will be highlighted. A round table will also be held to discuss with international and national policymakers about Alpine education and to the possibility of assuring the model's sustainability in the future.
During the round table dedicated to OurAlps, we will discuss together the importance of an international network of mountain education in the Alps, in relation to international strategies aimed at Youth.
On day 2 of the conference, workshops in small groups will allow an operational exchange on targeted themes for mountain education and the OurAlps network.

Information and registration here :
The final program will be soon announced.