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Datum 01.10.2018 - 02.10.2018
Ort Bern/CH
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International Conference on Building Skins of the Future

The aim of the Conference on Advanced Building Skins is to contribute to a multidisciplinary, integrated planning approach by architects, engineers, scientists, manufacturers and the building industry to reduce energy consumption of buildings.

The topics of this year’s conference include:

- Parametric design and 3D print of the building envelope

- Kinetic architecture and responsive building skins

- Building integrated photovoltaics (Solar façades)

- Climate change and double skin façades

- Retrofitting the building envelope

- Eco-materials and Green Walls

- Performance of the building skin and simulation tools

- Forensic architecture: Investigations of building skin failures

- Dynamic glazing

- New forms of concrete

In a total of 28 sessions, over 200 speakers from 40 nations are giving presentations. The talks are predominantly in English, with one session being held in German.

For the detailed conference program, please visit our website at