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Datum 02.10.2018
Ort Innsbruck/A
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EUSALP Energy Conference 2018 "Energy Transition in the Alps"

On 2 October 2018, representatives from politics, research&science, energy suppliers, associations, NGOs and civil society will discuss which steps are needed to support the energy transition in the Alps.

The geographic and structural characteristics of the Alps provide good potentials to make the Alpine region a European “model region for renewable energies and energy efficiency”. The conference "Energy Transition in the Alps" #eusalpenerconf18 is organized by the Agency for Energy South Tyrol-CasaClima in its function as EUSALP Action Group leader in coordination with the EUSALP Action Group 9 members and under the patronage of the EUSALP Presidency of the Land Tyrol 2018.

The 2nd EUSALP Energy Conference offers workshops for Alpine Space projects and exhibits interesting hands-on projects to trigger exchange amongst the conference participants.

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