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Cross-border project for exploiting the potential of the tourist sector together with the wood and farm produce sectors, in order to promote alpine tourism in the intermediate seasons

The project, which is based on a close relationship between the three administrations, seeks to formulate concrete and innovative proposals for tourism in the intermediate seasons (spring and autumn) so that the mountain resorts - which have until now concentrated mainly on the winter season - develop means for promoting tourism that is more diversified, spread over wider areas and capable of guiding the development of tourist areas that are much more environmentally and socially sustainable.


The project aims to identify a tourism product that is capable of assuring notable added value (in terms of jobs), spread across the local economy of the three mountain districts of the border area, thanks to the characteristics of being based on the close integration between public programmes and private (and voluntary) activities and on the fact - something new for this area - that it concentrates on revitalising the intermediate seasons (spring and autumn) which are traditionally "dead" compared with winter and summer tourism. The most difficult challenge comes from the desire to build a product that takes its force from exploiting the possibilities of the tourist industry and the sectors connected with it (farm produce and wood) that involve a large number of local businesses. A detailed programme of training, communication, promotion and marketing will seek to strengthen the local identity, social cross-border cohesion and the residential attractiveness of the three areas.


-Careful study of the projects presented for the "Future in the Alps 2005" competition and felt to be most in keeping with our objectives
-Construction of a new model of tourism that considers the autumn and spring season in such a way as to revitalise the villages during these months from both the social as well as the economic point of view
-Internal and external communications activities covering the whole area concerned
-Training activities aimed at businesses, hoteliers, restaurateurs, nature and alpine guides, ski instructors (two meetings)
-Organisation of an open forum aimed at the inhabitants
-Maintenance works to the world's longest Tibetan bridge (468 metres) over the Piccola Dora valley between the districts of Clavière and Cesana and along the high altitude cycle and MTB route called the "Clavierissima" which passes through the municipal districts of Clavière, Cesana and Montgenèvre
-Various promotional activities
-General co-ordination of the activities

Projekt Region

Cesana/I und Clavière/F


Cesana Torinese, Claviere


The project is presented with the support of the Cesana and Montgenèvre (F) municipal authorities, and the Pro Loco and Associazione Arnica of Cesana. These authorities have recently completed the Interreg III project on "Cross-border geology, nature and sports itineraries at Colle del Monginevro". Clavière and Cesana took part in the "Future in the Alps" project.


Own resources or money of donors
Project DYNALP² of the "Gemeindenetzwerk Allianz in den Alpen"


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