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Payments for Environmental Services in Mountain Areas

Payments for Environmental Services in Mountain Areas
Leto izida2010
Izdal(a)European Mountain Forum
Maison des Parcs et de la Montagne
Spletna stran: http://www.alparc.org
RevijaMountain Forum Bulletin
Časopisi št.Volume X Issue 1
Vrsta dokumentaČasopis, brošura
> Can Payments Support Environmental Services from Farmland?
> Snow Leopards and ‘Himalayan Homestays’: Catalysts for Community-Based
Conservation in Mountain Areas
> The Rhön Biosphere Reserve: Developing New Financing Options to Conserve a
Traditional Agricultural Landscape
> Using Water Funds to Finance Watershed Conservation in the Andes and Costa Rica
> From Poachers to Park Wardens: Revenue Sharing Scheme for Environmental
Protection in Rwanda