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Conference: "The role of railways in the development of a sustainable transport system in Slovenia"

We will present the management of Slovenian Railways, their importance for sustainable mobility and the focus on international examples of the system of rail freight and passenger traffic. Among the guests of the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Management Board of Slovenian Railways, Faculty of Economics, DRI Company Ltd., the Coalition for sustainable transport policy and other interesting speakers will also be g. Paul Stopper, an expert on the field of public transport in Switzerland. He will present the operation and financing of transport policy in Switzerland. The guests will present different views on the functioning and potential changes to the railways at home and abroad. No fee for participation at the conference. Additional Information: slovenija@cipra.org; Tel .: +38640 / 458-389
Date 19.06.2015 09:00 - 15:00
Location Ljubljana, Konferenčna dvorana Slovenskih železnic
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