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Bringing the Alps to Expo 2015

The Italian Presidency of the Alpine Convention is glad to invite you to the Public Workshop titled "Bringing the Alps to Expo 2015: mountains, food, environment and culture on the way to Milano", which will be organized in cooperation with the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Municipality of Gorizia. In particular, the workshop aims at illustrating some promising practices developed in mountain regions, showing their potential to improve regional economic performance, discussing a few interesting experiences and defining a path to bring this impressive and unique set of experiences to EXPO Milano 2015, aiming at giving Alpine heritage and products a global visibility.
Date 20.03.2014
Emplacement Gorizia / IT
Export ICS-Export
Languede, fr, it, sl
OrganisationPresidenza italiana della Convenzione delle Alpi
E-mail: Presidency@alpconv.org