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Young voices, new perspectives

Sustainability means giving today’s and future generations the same opportunities as those who came before them. And yet young people are often excluded by politicians and authorities when it is a question of shaping the framework for their future. CIPRA’s objective is accordingly to strengthen the role and importance of young people in political decision-making processes.

Our Vision

Young people living in the Alps are active and responsible citizens,they reflect critically, make informed decisions and contribute in designing their Alpine future. Decision makers consult and involve them and take them seriously. The involvement of present and future generations is on the political agenda at the local, national and European levels.

How can this vision become reality?

CIPRA has set itself the goal of building an Alps-wide network involving national CIPRAs and the national youth organisations and environmental education institutions. To that end, CIPRA has modified its organisational structure and established the CIPRA Youth Council (CYC) as a new official body. There young people advise CIPRA on important questions relating to their world in the Alps.

  • Promoting exchange

Young people must not be given the feeling that they have been left alone. In a process of exchange with their peers in other countries of the Alps, they can develop their own views on various aspects of sustainable development in the Alps. 

  • Contacts with decision-makers

Young people are coached by CIPRA to make themselves heard through various modes of communication. They learn to formulate their opinions to a professional standard and acquire the relevant skills. That promotes awareness for youth involvement throughout the Alpine region. 

  • Networking the institutions

CIPRA brings together the organisations and institutions concerned, from the regional to the European level, and thus promotes awareness for youth participation in decision-making processes. The conditions for this process vary considerably from one Alpine country to another. Youth Participation in the Alps is a CIPRA brochure that offers an initial overview of how the process can succeed.

Young Academics Award of the Alpine Convention 2018

The 2018 edition of the Alpine Convention Young Academics Award focuses on the issue of "Sustainable water management in the Alps". > More

CIPRA Brochure

Youth Participation in the Alps, CIPRA Brochure — 9066Kb
This brochure sets a look on the multiple facets of the issue of youth participation in the seven countries of the Alpine region, analyzing the legal framework, the associations, the difficulties, the existing forms of participatory processes. Some useful links and contacts complete this journey.