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Fire across the Alps

Date 11.08.2018 00:00 - 12.08.2018 00:00
Location Alps
Description "High Fires" are a very old tradition: in the Middle Ages they served as a warning method in case of an imminent danger! In 1988 the idea of conforming a "chain of light" was resumed and at first go hundreds of fires burned.


Date 29.08.2018 00:00 - 02.09.2018 00:00
Location Valcamonica/I
Description The theme this year - “Standing on the shoulders of giants / Sulle spalle dei giganti” - truly expresses the idea that ancient art with its endless symbolism and archetypes might form a major resource for modern man, allowing him to look beyond and above current cultures.

EMS Annual Meeting: European Conference for Applied Meteorology and Climatology 2018

Date 03.09.2018 - 07.09.2018
Location Budapest/HU
Description The challenges for meteorology are growing. Citizens, decision-makers, indeed all of society require information on the consequences of our changing climate, and especially on weather and climate hazards that seem to occur more frequently and to have a significant impact on humans, nature, and infrastructure. The essential role of meteorology since the start of operations remains unchanged – the provision to society of reliable forecasts and trustworthy warnings. However, in the 21st century impact predictions and long-term projections of climate change are also needed to support national strategic decisions aimed at saving lives and reducing the costs of natural hazards. All of these challenges place increasing responsibility on scientists and forecasters, as well as on meteorological companies, institutions, and organisations: the whole “weather and climate enterprise”.

8th International Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks 2018

Date 11.09.2018 - 14.09.2018
Location Madonna di Campiglio/I
Description The 8th International Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks "Geoparks and sustainable development " will take place at the Adamello Brenta UNESCO Global Geopark, Trentino Province, Italy, from the 11th to the 14th September 2018.The Conference will be held at the Palacampiglio Conference Centre in Madonna di Campiglio at the heart of the Geopark.

Montane and alpine grasslands under climate change

Date 18.09.2018 - 20.09.2018
Location Garmisch-Patenkirchen/D
Description Ways in a sustainable future.

XI European Mountain Convention

Date 25.09.2018 - 27.09.2018
Location Vatra Dornei, Romania
Description The Convention will focus on the tangible and intangible cultural heritage in mountain areas and on how this strategic resource, inherited from the past, can be a key asset for developing sustainable and attractive mountain areas in the future.

XI European Mountain Convention on cultural heritage

Date 25.09.2018 - 27.09.2018
Location Vatra Dornei, Romania
Description “Cultural Heritage as an Engine for Creativity, Innovation and Socioeconomic Development of Mountain areas”

The Mountain Festival

Date 08.10.2018 - 14.10.2018
Location Bressanone/I
Description For the 10th edition, the International Mountain Summit (IMS) in Bressanone/South Tyrol gathers mountain lovers from all over the world. “Meet.Mountain.People.Soul” will be the central theme for this unique festival. In the 2018 edition, not only famous speakers will have a central role, but also the kids of the IMS.Youth.Camp, as well as the young atletes in the KSA - KIKU Sports Academy. For this year's program, the IMS team focuses primarily on the importance and on the meaning of encounter.

Logistics Dialogue

Date 17.10.2018 11:30 - 18.10.2018 13:30
Location Altdorf UR/CH
Description How will the future of the Freight Transport in the Alps look like? The aim of the Logistics Dialogue in Altdorf UR is to identify sustainable and efficient transport solutions for and through the Alpine region, to recognise the potential of existing innovations and to initiate joint implementation processes.

AGRITOURISM: 1st World Congress

Date 07.11.2018 - 09.11.2018
Location Bolzano/I
Description For the first time Eurac Research is promoting an international congress dedicated exclusively to the topic of agritourism. The aim of the initiative is to discuss the state-of-the-art and the future perspectives of this kind of rural tourism worldwide; to establish an agreed-upon definition of agritourism; to build a networking platform for scientists and practitioners; and finally, to promote agritourism unambiguously as a specific type of rural tourism.